Live Auditing

IT departments can instantly access up-to-the-minute printing information defined by printer, network or cost.

Quota and Budget Tracking

For organizations with hard cost limits, quotas and budgets restrict user groups and organizational units.

Restrictions and 
Rule Setting

Organizations gain greater control over cost and security with restrictions and rules set on printers or users.


Web-based Reporting and Scheduling

A web-based interface enables the precise and easy planning and execution of budget needs and flow data.

Release Station with Payment Options

Printing jobs held for release by rules or restrictions are facilitated through a transparent and accessible web portal.

Mobile Printing via Cloud

Users can print from anywhere with a web-based interface that enables network access.


Client and Project Billing

A software-based system enables billing against clients, accounts and codes from workstations or the mobile web portal.

Environmental Impact Reporting

Energy and material waste from printing is tracked in real time, giving organizations greater insight into their green credentials.




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